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alysn midgelow-marsden RECENT EXHIBITIONS

rust &stardust
20 july - 27 august 2023



Local fibre artist Wilma Simmons, opened Alysn's exhibition with the following wonderful words:

Rust and Stardust is an exhibition of extraordinary emotive art. 
My first impression is  ‘Magical ‘, Coming into the gallery l felt it was like  stepping into another world ... a  wonderland of contrasting textures, translucency and shadows , the ethereal and the earthy … and in particular the monumental and the insignificant - the conundrum of the seemingly featured human forms blending into their environment and almost camouflaged by selective stitching , abstract shapes and manipulated materials . You might have guessed my favourite pieces but I was also drawn to the cloak freeform sculpture,  ‘a way into knowing myself’ which i just wanted to crawl into and feel the protective layers .  To me, this work is is a juxtaposition of human frailty and uncertainty matched by resilience and strength  - it recalls feelings of needing protection but also of exerting independence . I wouldn’t dare define in general terms , good art but work which asks questions about yourself and your story are satisfying to both the artist and the viewer as they collaborate to create meaning . Congratulations Alysn - your work has already sparked heartfelt responses from many here tonight - best wishes for what has already proven to be a successful exhibition and may many more come in the following weeks to experience and  be awestruck by your artistry. … and to be reminded  that "the rest is rust and stardust"

Being There
Being now

17 June - 2 July 2023


Using a variety of different materials, recycled, found or repurposed, the following artists have created a series of works that will provoke discourse around topical matters whilst at the same time stimulating the viewers senses.

The works are both contemplative and challenging, subtle and overt and represent each artist's response
to their environment either natural or man-made or concepts of the human experience. The intricacy and dedication with which these works are constructed make this exhibition a must see experience.


525 gravitational lensing (7)_edited.jpg

5 - 29 April 2023

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