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alysn midgelow-marsden FLUID BECOMING

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13 - 29 JANUARY 2024

January 13-29, 2024, from 11 am to 9 pm daily


Silo6 in Silo Park Auckland will be the centre of creative exploration and environmental reflection as it hosts the "Fluid Becoming" exhibition from January 13th to 29th, 2024. Featuring the works of three talented artists, Alysn Midgelow-Marsden, Janet Mazenier, and Mette Hay, it aims to engage visitors in thought-provoking experiences that encourage them to contemplate the present and future of our environment.

The iconic Silo6 is set to be transformed into a captivating canvas for creative exploration and environmental contemplation. This exceptional exhibition offers a unique opportunity for you to immerse yourself in a world of creativity and reflect on the present and future of our environment. It consists of multiple ‘activations’ including hands-on activity workshops, sound-making experiments and experiential exhibits.

Fluid becoming … 'Inertia' by Alysn presents visitors with reclaimed plastic, wire, and video come together to form a unique visual landscape, evoking emotions of emptiness, loss, and sadness, but also the potential for change.

Fluid becoming … 'Choice' also by Alysn explores the concept of choice for our future. Geological style core samples hang from the silo, each section representing different stages in our relationship with the environment. The sounds and lighting change as you move through the installation, offering you a sensory journey towards hope and consideration.

Fluid becoming … 'Wonder' by Mette is an immersive exploration of beauty and wonder, to be found even in austere places. Using our natural soundscapes and projected cymatics, you will discover the voices of nature and individuals. The silo is transformed into a metaphor for the inside of a tree or the depth of a forest, inspiring you to seek the magic in the invisible element of sound.

Fluid becoming … 'Place' by Janet presents large abstract works which are rich in texture and inspired by the natural world. These pieces engage with place, space, time, colour, and materiality, offering you a sensory and visual journey.

Hands-on Workshops and Interactive Activities:

During the exhibition, there will be various community-based, engaging events:
"Marks of Time Workshop" invites participants to explore the history of the Silo site through art.
"Wonder of Voice" allows visitors to use their voices to create dynamic, moving visual images and become a part of the artwork.

About the Artists:

Alysn is an internationally recognized fine art textile artist known for her boundary-breaking work with metal, wire, fibre, textile, and stitch. She lives on the Tawharanui Peninsula

Mette is a biophilic spatial designer and artist, focusing on the potential of sound as a portal to the unseen. She lives in Muriwai.

Janet's abstract art practice explores place, space, time, and materiality, using a variety of techniques to create textured and unique artworks. Janet lives in Devonport.

"Fluid Becoming" is a groundbreaking exhibition that offers a unique opportunity to explore the beauty of our world, even in the most unexpected places. It's a chance to reflect on our environment and consider the choices we make for the future.

Don't miss this exceptional event that promises to inspire, engage, and encourage thoughtful conversations about our environment.

About Silo6:

Silo6 is a unique space that transforms the urban environment into a hub of creativity, providing a platform for artists to explore and share their visions with the community.

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