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COLLECTION: sculptural works : LIGHT DANCING
The ripples and interferences between water, light and the movement of air connect the external world to the internal environment of our lives. The ever changing play and flicker of light on water is filled with resonances from our individual experience. We are each composed of many and varied streams and currents which flow, swirl and interact together. Life is movement from moment to moment; chance reflections and refractions create our internal landscape and develop our transcendental self. These are conveyed in the piece through a reflection of the gentle, understated colours and textures observed in the marsh landscape. The work connects in a delicately oblique fashion to the plant life, the water and the sky through the stainless steel fabric. The fabric appears physically delicate and ephemeral, yet it is actually strong, adaptable, resistant and sculptable. The colouring and subtle sheen of the metal replicate water and light in a unique and exciting manner. The fabric is in places treated by contorting and textured by plaiting, braiding, twisting, folding and layering. These treatments reflect the complexities of life, the textures and patterns seen in the native salt marsh grasses and the play of light across a liquid surface. 
This sculpture was created as a site specific work for the Harbourview Sculpture Trail, Te Atatu, Auckland, NZ in 2014. It was suspended in the lake. Measuring approximately 2m high and 5m wide in places.

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