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COLLECTION: drawn to stitch 

A long standing fascination with abstract and semi-abstract expressionism informs Alysn’s work. Her self imposed challenge is to portray emotional energies and experiences in a visual medium, imbuing work with references both personal and universal which speak to the subconscious.

Alysn comments that a particular concern in her life currently and mindful that ‘our personal journey marks us’ (David Haberstam), are the experiences and occurrences in our lives which make up our private jigsaw. In this respect this series is both universal in theme and personal in interpretation.

Inspiration is often drawn from the ever changing natural world, including figures, plants, landscape and geology and from our internal world and emotions. This series draws on thoughts about transformation and change in personal terms and the wider natural world, the mystery and potentiality of the hidden and unseen. The form of a cocoon is understood as a place where transmutation occurs, a seeming miracle, an alchemic change hidden within a quiet, contained form, yet splitting split open and new life emerging from within, unsullied and full of promise. Seeds, geodes, people – all containers of mystery and amazing possibilities!

Alysn is also constantly seduced by the possibilities which unusual materials and formats bring to textile art, often working in metal and cloth made from metals which are treated, distressed, textured, printed, layered and stitched before being assembled. Her starting points are observational drawings in mixed media using pastel, watercolour washes, pencil, marker and more. A strong clarity of form is aimed for, and an a honouring of the impact of the instrument, techniques or material used to make the mark, perhaps drawing on the sensibilities of the Arts and Crafts movement.

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