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COLLECTION 2023 + recent works 
Sculptural elements flow freely, overlapping, echoing and retreating. 

We are such a speck in the ‘rust and stardust’ of the universe, yet our experience insists that we are more than this. That we are part of an accidental evolution inextricably linked to a universe without meaning should drive us to make the most of our consciousness; this special, probably literally universally unique property of life on this planet and life as a human.

‘Existence’ consists of pressure points, balances and tensions which affect our understanding of an object, an image, a word, an interaction. It is this mutability and the now-ness and passing of ephemeral moments combined with the effects of interactions which are celebrated in this exhibition. The works cumulatively create a sense of support, connection and healing through a sense of internal strength and positive purpose.

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