'a little wave action'

'a little wave action'


Grafted onto a locally scavenged beautiful piece of driftwood, this embroidered piece uses fabric, discarded packaging plastic and hammered wires to create the sense of the beauty of a beach walk. 

Approx. size: 80 x 35 cm.

Date: 2020

Code: amm399


  • Care and Display of Art

    Care of work

    All works have been lightly sprayed with varnish to prevent dust build up.
    Keep away from direct sunlight to prevent possible colour fading.
    Artwork can be lightly dusted with a feather brush if required or vacuumed on low setting with a fine cloth covering the nozzle.

    Hanging of Artwork.

    Artworks are supplied with hanging method or instructions as appropriate.

  • Certificate of Authenticity

    All works are supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity' from the artist